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The following terms and conditions govern the use of this website. By using this website, you fully accept these terms and conditions. Should there be any disagreement in part or in full of these terms and conditions, you must immediately exit this website and not use this website.


1. SANDACTIV3 owns all copyrights and other intellectual property rights to original contents, concepts, text, graphics and images in this website. Rights to contents and images in this website belong to their respective owners.

2. SANDACTIV3 reserves the rights to remove, amend or update any content on this website at their sole discretion. Images used are for reference and presentation only. Actual products may vary slightly from what is shown in this website.

3. At no times can you submit any content that are illegal, defamatory, controversial and/or racially discriminating.

4. You cannot submit any content that you do not have full rights to for display on this website. Likewise, you cannot submit any content that you do not have full rights to through this website.

5. SANDACTIV3 is not required to monitor content submitted to and/or through this website by third parties and are not responsible for any consequences such content might bring.

6. This website does not come with any warranties, express or implied. SANDACTIV3 makes no guarantee in relation to up-time of this website, and does not guarantee that all information provided are free of errors. Contents in this website are accurate to the best knowledge of the owners of this website, to a feasible and reasonable extent.

7. SANDACTIV3 and/or its staff, management and/or associates are not liable for any consequences (including but not limited to the following: loss of revenue, loss of life, loss or anticipated savings, loss of good will, loss or reputation, loss of property, loss of opportunity, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of business, loss of income etc. ) sustained or caused by any third party and/or users as a result, direct or otherwise, of any content of this website. This clause is applicable even if the owners of this website have been advised of the potential of the above-mentioned consequences.

Privacy Policy

1. This website may use cookies. By usage of this website and agreement to these terms and conditions, you consent to any possible use of cookies that may occur as a result of usage of this website.

2. All information submitted through this website may be used for promotional or marketing purposes at the sole discretion of SANDACTIV3. By submission of any information or content through this website, you grant SANDACTIV3 full rights to use, reproduce, edit, publish, translate and/or distribute these content in any existing or future media.

General Use

1. You may view, download content and/or print pages and/or other content from this website for personal use only.

2. You must not redistribute material from this website without written permission from the website owners.

3. You must not republish material from this website without written permission from the website owners

4. You must not use any material from this website for commercial purposes

5. You must not edit or modify any content from this website

6. Your must not access the back-end files of this website without proper authorisation.

7. You must not use this website in any way that might defame, cause harm to or damage to the reputation and name of SANDACTIV3.

8. You must adhere to relevant local (in this case the Republic of Singapore) governing legislation in the usage of this website and must not conduct any illegal activities in relation to this website.

9. You cannot expose this website to any foreign entities such as viruses, Trojan horse, spiders etc.

10. You must not use unauthorized means to gather from this website any back-end information, database, emails or other content not displayed publicly on the website interface.

11. You must not pose as an authorized administrator or use this website to contact third parties without written permission from the owners of the website.

12. SANDACTIV3 maintains the rights to prohibit anyone from using this website either through enforcement of user ids, IP address blockage or any other means at their sole discretion.

13. You hereby indemnify SANDACTIV3 and/or its staff, management and/or associates against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and/or expenses incurred by SANDACTIV3 in payment to a third party to settle a dispute or other matters caused by a breach of your conduct in relation to these terms and conditions.

14. Terms and Conditions listed in this website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with local governing legislation. In the event of any possible dispute regarding this website, all parties involved agree to settle the matter subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.

15. Terms & Conditions listed here can be amended and updated at the sole discretion of the owners of this website without any prior notice.