Baby SAND Resistance Band: Happy Bundle of 2

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Why Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are a must-have strength training equipment to build muscle and improve both power and endurance! They add tension/resistance during exercise which increase difficulty to perform certain movements.

Whether you are aiming to "tone" your physique, build strength or simple add some cool dynamics to your workout, resistance bands can be looped around your legs or arms to bring your body workouts to a whole new level.

Unlike dumbbells and kettlebells, resistance bands put less pressure on the joints and are particularly suited for lower body workouts because they empower you to move with better form and target the right muscles with a reduced risk of injury. Furthermore, they are super light and portable! You can definitely use them anywhere and anytime!

Resistance bands will help to adjust your stance or activate certain muscles to get the most out of the workout. A common problem for some people who train, they tend to let their knees to cave in when they squat and this can cause pain and increase the risk for potential injury. In such an instance, placing a resistance band above your knees is a good reminder to drive your knees out and maintain a proper stance. 

Who should use Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are a great option for beginners who can benefit from the extra support with their form. Advanced athletes can also efficiently and effectively increase the difficulty of their movement by adding more resistance to their workout routines. 

In addition, resistance bands activate a significant muscle group that supports our larger muscles and joints when we move. They are suitable, safe and low-impact training equipment option for older folks and often used for rehabilitation. 

Fabric VS Rubber Resistance Bands - which is better?

Fabric resistance bands are often also known as "booty bands", "hip circle bands", "mini bands" and "glute bands". You may be confused by these fancy names but they actually refer to the same thing!

Fabric resistance bands are designed to wrap around your legs and you can be creative to wrap around your arms to assist your push-ups or some core exercises. As such, the only relevant variation of rubber resistance band to make comparison with - will be the "mini booty band". The other variations of rubber resistance bands will be of other styles and sizes, such as 41" loop resistance bands, resistance tubes with handles and so on.

Fabric resistance bands are by far more popular the rubber resistance bands because of these 4 reasons:

(i) Much more comfortable because they won't roll up or irritate your skin

(ii) No worries about tears or stretching them and having them snap on you! (yes they can fray over an extended period and it means time to get a new one!)

(iii) Looks better and more style in their design! we all love to look at pretty things yah

(iv) They won't catch dust, hair or other debris. You can hand wash them and air them to dry whenever it is necessary!


Get our Happy Bundle of 2:
1 x Medium Resistance Band (RED) + 1 x High Resistance (BLACK).
Resistance is a result of the fabric composition and not the length of the bands.
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